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alex nadal
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I'm 17 years old and I'm really into combining my favorite series with others.
"So when do you Odd Eyes Dragon will get his pendulum power back" says Gagaga Child as he try's to look at Astromancy's book. "It is hard to say I can't yet see a way to speed it along" says Astromancy as he turns the pages. "Did you find anything Mr. Chronomancy" says Gagaga Child as he looks at him but he sees Chronomancy with his book on his face. "Teas ready you guys" says Gagaga Girl as she and Magician walk in the living room. *Snore* *Snore*says Chronomancy. *Knock* Knock* "I'll get it" says Child as he gets off the couch and goes to open the door which then shows Sparkman and Lady Heat "Hi Mr. Sparkman Mrs. Lady Heat" says Gagaga Child.  "Hey kiddo" says Lady Heat as she pats his head. "Hey you guys what brings you here" says Gagaga Magician as he and his wife head to the door. "Well Utopia wanted us to meet him at the center of town" says Sparkman. "Yeah so you might want to wake sleeping beauty over there" says Lady Heat causing the others to giggle. "I'm on it" says Astromancy as he walks over to his time-spell using best friend and slams his book shut. "Whoa what the" says Chronomancy as he falls out of his chair. "Oh ha-ha very funny you guys" says Chronomancy as he gets up. They walk into the center of town as they see Utopia leaning against a building. "Hey there chief" says Chronomancy as he waves to the Number. "Hello dear friends glad you could make it" says Utopia. "Well it's easy when ones are studying or sleeping for some" says Gagaga Magician. "Well I've come to meet the new deck members Number 58 Burner Visor showed up at the council room earlier today and said that he came with some "interesting" group members" says Utopia. "Okay so where are they" says Lady Heat. In there" says Utopia as he and the others move around the corner to see a circus tent with spotlights. "What the" says Sparkman. "Heck" says Lady Heat. "Oh cool a circus" says Gagaga Child as he runs ahead of the group. "Sweetie get back here" says Gagaga Girl as she and the others run after him. They see a snake around Gagaga Child. "You get away from my kid you snake" says Gagaga Girl. "Hey-hey calm down missy" says a girl. "But there's a snake trying to" starts Gagaga Girl until Magician grabs her shoulder "Ah honey look" says Gagaga Magician as he points at the snake as it starts popping up like a spring while Gagaga Child laughs and claps. "What's going on here Flash Knight" says a lady. "My apologies miss" says Flash Knight as she bows. "Ahaha Mommy-mommy this snake is funny" says Gagaga Child. "A ha I see Whip Viper is entertaining already" says the robot lady. "Huh" says the group. "Oh my apologies I am Mozarta The Melodious Maestra" says the lady as she bows. "I'm Aria The Melodious Diva" says the girl. "I-I'm Sonata the Melodious Diva" says the other girl. "These are the Entermate's Discover Hippo, Kaleido Scorpion, Sword Fish, Amenboat and your child seems to know Whip Viper and the Hippo Trio" says Mozarta as she introduces the animals. "O-okay so it's a pleasure to meet you and your troop" says Utopia. "Oh they are not my troop I'm simply helping their ring leader who's not here" says Mozarta. "Well it's a pleasure to welcome you all to the deck I must go back to the council everyone I trust you to make our new members feel welcome good day" says Utopia as he exits the tent. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you all" says Astromancy. "Why don't you all come to our home and we can get to know each other" says Gagaga Girl as she picks up Gagaga Child. "Oh hey there" says Lady Heat as Whip Viper slithers up her arm. "I think he likes you" says Aria as she giggles. After dinner. "Miss Gagaga I have a request of you" says Mozarta. "What is it" says Gagaga Girl. "Well I was wondering if me and my group could stay here we noticed the extra space" says Mozarta. "Well I wouldn't mind but the others thoughts matter" says Gagaga girl. "I don't mind it could be nice to have another none magician in the house" says Gagaga Magician. "I like these Entermate's their funny" says Gagaga Child as he pets Discover Hippo. "I'm cool with it" says Chronomancy as he winks at Aria. "I think it shall work for us" says Astromancy while showing Sonata his spell book. "Well I think I'll take Whips here" says Lady Heat as she pets Whip Vipers head. "Whips" says Sonata. "She gives the people she likes nicknames" says Astromancy. "Yeah she calls her boyfriend Sparkman "Sparky" says Chronomancy as he snickers. "At least I have a girlfriend to give me a nickname" says Sparkman as the others laugh. "That was so cold" says Chronomancy as he folds his arms. "That is if his pals here don't mind" says Lady Heat. Whip Viper goes to Discover Hippo and "talks" with him then he grabs a paper and pencil and writes a note then gives it to Lady Heat "I can if I can go to practice whenever need for the shows when I'm needed". "Well of course I was going to let you do that your performer so it's necessary that you go" says Lady Heat. "Good Night guys come on Whips I'll show you your sleeping quarters at the base" says Lady Heat as she, Sparkman and Whip Viper go back to base. "Well this will be your guys room" says Gagaga Magician as he and Girl show the Divas and Entermate's their rooms. "Well I'm going take our kid to his room see in a bit dear" says Gagaga Girl as she grabs Gagaga Child off of Discover Hippo and kisses Magician on the cheek. "Your wife seems very nice" says Sonata. "Why thank you any have a pleasant night sleep" says Gagaga Magician as he leaves. At the Elemental Heroes base. "Alright Whips good night" says Lady Heat as she switches off the lights.
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Innocent Trap by Tetra-Fang
  • Reading: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
  • Watching: Kamen Rider Gaim
  • Playing: Ultra Street Fighter IV
  • Drinking: Water

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