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I'm 18 years old and I'm really into combining my favorite series with others.
This story was inspired off the picture Trapped in False Skin by Maggei I added the picture in my favorites . This story has my OC Shin whose profile I'll post later at some point of time and her OC for this Maggie please enjoy. Kamen Rider Drive and things from drive belong to Toei. Now Start Your Engines!

"Man I can't believe cheif is making me do this" says Shin as he drives his copy of Tridoron down the street. "What's wrong yesterday you said you were bored of having nothing to do" says Mr. Belt. "Yeah but at least I didn't have to go to some dumb animatronic pizza joint" says Shin as he turns up his Radio which is playing Innocent Trap by Tetra-Fang. "Is this due to your hatred of children's animatronics since you were six" says Mr. Belt as Shin presses his foot on the break peddle. "How do you know that" says Shin. "Cody and I talk" says Mr. Belt. "Man that guy well we're here" says Shin as he parks Tridoron in the back he grabs Mr. Belt out of Tridoron's dashboard. "Well this place does seem creepy" says Mr. Belt. "Yeah could you get Spike, Mixer, Wild and Dump over here" says Shin as he puts Mister Belt on. "Already on it" says Mr. Belt as Funky Spike, Spin Mixer, Shift Wild and Rumble Dump drive up to Shin he puts Funky Spike, Spin Mixer and Rumble Dump on his shift car holder and puts Shift speed on the Shift Brace. "Henshin" says Shin as he lifts up the shift car. "Drive Type Speed (Upbeat Jazz Music) as he Transforms into Drive "Don't you think this is a bit much" says Mr. Belt. "No I'm sure it's necessary" says Drive as he uses walks in. "Why did we show up twenty minutes early the animatronics are said not to act "off" until midnight" says Mr. Belt. "I want to case the joint to see what I need to keep an eye for" says Drive as he walks to the stage. "Let's see a robot bear, a chicken and a rabbit weird mix" says Mr. Belt. Drive walks to pirate cove to look behind the curtain to see Foxy slumped against the wall. "Yeesh that guy doesn't look like he's been touched in a long time" says Drive. "It's a bit sad don't you think" says Mr. Belt flashing sad face. "I guess it is a little sad guess he must have done something wrong" says Drive as he walks around the back. *Sob*. "Did you hear that" says Mr. Belt. "Yeah it sounds like crying" says Drive as he walks toward the sound. "Do you think it's a child" says Mr. Belt. Drive enters the backroom to see a black cat animatronic with a tear drop of blood. "What the heck" says Drive as he steps closer only to see her freak out. "St-stay away" says the animatronic. "Hey-hey easy I'm not going to hurt you" says Drive as he puts his hands up. "Drive what are you doing" says Mr. Belt. "She's a human says Drive as he steps up to her "What happened to you". "Th-these bastard animatronics stuffed my in this suit" say the animatronic. "That sounds awful" says Mr. Belt as he flashes a sad face. "Do you need help" says Drive. "Yes I just want out and to see my family again" says the animatronic as she starts crying again. "I'll do my best to help you out" says Drive as he puts his hand on her shoulder. The animatronic nods at him and says "T-thank you". "No problem it's a hero's job to help the innocent and hurt" says Drive as the animatronic starts sobbing again. "I'll help free you and destroy those monster" says Drive as he tightens his other fist in angry at the robots who hurt this person. "R-really" says the animatronic. "Yes jus give some time to figure out how to safely remove that costume" says Drive but noticed the animatronic looked down. "That won't insides are crushed...if it opens my dead corpse...or what's left of it...will spill out" says the animatronic. "I have a theory *Grabs Mad Doctor shift car* this shift car might be able to help you if not I'll do anything to help you" says Drive. "O-okay" says the animatronic. "I just need to be sure it I can't risk using it when I don't know what would happen plus the pain" says Drive. "Oh.....alright then" says the animatronic looks down. "I mean when Mad Doctor heals it causes some electric shocks I don't want to do that if it won't help you've been through enough pain already" says Drive. The animatronic says nothing but nods her head. "Drive remember we did a test like that this morning and it worked flawlessly" says Mr. Belt while flashing a happy face. "Great now I just need to figure out if we need to remove the costume first" says Drive. "Okay" says the animatronic. "Okay first I'll get ready for healing *puts in shift car* Mr. Belt "Tire Change Mad Doctor" (Ambulance siren wail). *Gulp* goes the Animatronic. "Relax it sounds more ominous then it sounds Mr. Belt call Funky Spike" says Drive. "He's in your holder" says Mr. Belt flashing a bored expression. "Oh yeah" says Drive as he grabs Funky Spike and sets it on the ground to drive towards the animatronic. "Um okay" says the animatronic as Funky Spike drives to her head. "Ok spike I need you to cut the suit above her face, heart and lungs slowly and carefully" says Drive as he noticed the animatronics face shows shock and light fear "Relax it's just to make sure when I heal you so the wires and stuff can't hit those parts of your body". "Okay" says the animatronic as spike finishes up Drive takes off the parts that spike cut to reveal a girl with brown hair and green eyes and wearing a grey hoodie. "Alright since spike is done are you ready" says Drive. "Yes says the girl. *Press the button on the shift brace and lifts the shift car* "Hissatsu Full Throttle Doctor" says Mr. Belt as Drive uses the cure quicker to start healing her. "Just another minute and you'll be healed" says Drive "So which robot do you hate the most". "The bear" says the girl. "Alright then I'll make it so he can't move and you can destroy him do think I should take off the rest of the suit now" says Drive. "Yes please" says the girl. "Spike if you'd please in the mean time *puts in wild shift car* he puts his arm to his side and his suit changes to type wild's body "Drive Type Wild (Jungle-esque-hip-hop music) *puts in Rumble Dump shift car* "Tire Change Rumble Dump! (Spinning drill sound, followed by a blaring horn) "Thank you" says the girl. "No problem now *Reeves Drill* time to crush some evil robots can you stand on your own" says Drive as he puts the rumble smasher on the tire. "I'm not sure" says girl. *Drive picks her up and takes her to the back room and puts her in the chair* "Well you can after I handle Bonnie, Chica and Foxy that way all we have is your kill" says Drive as he stands beside the girl who smiles at him he gives her a thumbs up as Bonnie comes in from the left side "Take this" Drive punches Bonnie in the face with the drill and keeps it running for a minute. "Thank you so much" say the girl as she gives Drive another smile. "No problem so how do we attract the rest of them" says Drive as he throws Bonnie's body into the hall. "Make a lot of noise" says the girl. "Noise huh can do" says Drive *reeves the drill* "Mr. Belt I need the handle sword". "Okay" says Mr. Belt as the handle sword comes through the window "Honk the horn on that sword" says Drive as he hands the sword to the girl. "Kill em" says the girl. "On it" *Sees Foxy running to the door* "Not nice to see ya" says Drive *Kicks Foxy to the ground and slams the drill into it's head for a minute the girl gives an excited grin. "All that's left is the chicken then your kill so do you want to use that sword I handed you or a laser pistol" says Drive. "The pistol" says the girl. "Mr. Belt if you would" says Drive. "Already on it also chicken!" shouts Mr. Belt. "Huh oh" says Drive as he punch's Chica with the drill and grabs the door gun with his free hand "Here you are" he says as he hands it to the girl. "Thanks" says the girl. I'll get the bear prepared now" say Drive as he puts on spin mixer's shift car. "Tire change Spin Mixer (Cement Mixer noises). *Drive presses the button on his shift brace* "Hissatsu Full Throttle Mixer!" says Mr. Belt as Drive cement to stick Freddy to the wall "All yours" says Drive as he moves to let the girl get up. The girl attacks Freddy and tears him apart to the point where you couldn't tell who it was anymore. "Do you feel better" says Drive as he puts in the speed shift car and pushes it up and his body changes to type speed. "Drive type speed (Upbeat jazz music) says Mr. Belt. "Yes" says the girl. "Good now lets get out of here" says Drive as he picks the girl up and pushes the shift car up three times. "Sp-Sp-Speed" says Mr. Belt. Drive runs to Tridoron and buckles her and him up and hits the gas. The girl gives drive a wide smile. "Where do you live I'll drop you off and deal with the dumb restaurant owners" says Drive. "Over there" says the girl as she points to a house. "Okay" *Drive pulls up to the house* "I just realized I never got your name *de-henshin's* the names Shin" says Shin. "Maggie" says the girl. "Well Maggie glad I could help" says Shin. "Thank you so much" says Maggie as she hugs Shin. Shin blushes "Well I always hated those types of robots so the fact I got to save someone and break those evil robots defiantly made my night". "Well thank you for giving me a second chance" says Maggie as she gets out of the car. *Shin gets out of the car but falls on the ground* "Ow hey wait Maggie" *Pulls out a card* here's my number in case you every want to hang out or something well I better go deal with those dumb restaurant owners later" says Shin as he gets back in Tridoron and drives towards Freddy's. "Thanks" says Maggie as she walks into her house. "I'd say that was a good night" says Mr. Belt flashes a smiley face while Shin turns up his radio which is playing Surprise Drive. "Yep got to save a life and destroy evil monster robots" says Shin a smile stuck on his face. "You know you might get in trouble with the chief for this though" says Mr. Belt. "At this point it would be so worth it" says Shin.
The End
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